I help business owners and leaders grow their business

with compliance and people solutions.

Health and Safety Training

I help business owners and leaders grow their business

with compliance and people solutions.

Your company is moving at a fast pace and your team is growing to keep up

but you now realise that scaling the business will bring about more human complications

which has an impact on compliance, performance, and service delivery.


Do you struggle to attract new talent that fits with the culture and vision of your company?


Do you need help creating a clear roadmap to deal with compliance and resourcing as you scale?


Do you need a person who can be focused on topics that help shape the future direction of your business while you continue to push the business forward?


Are you confused when it comes to multiple laws and dealing with all the complexity?


Does your management team need an independent voice to listen to so it's not just you saying it?


Do you want to ensure you build a sustainable model for your business but you're not sure how?

Then I can help you

I have owned and operated my own businesses; I have lived your experience. I understand your challenges and I know exactly how to help you and move your business forwards in a way that maintains your profit, holds on to your compliance and builds a strong team to deliver your expertise for your clients.

  • I have over 25 years' experience in the area of compliance and resourcing. I have founded and co-founded multiple businesses in the area of safety, recruiting and software.

  • I have built 7 figure businesses using my unique and proven model that allows any business idea and vision to scale.

  • I have over 20,000 LinkedIn connections and have given radio, print and podcast talks and interviews on compliance and resourcing.

  • I created a remote working software business before any pandemic or future of work was considered.

  • I am a Board Advisor and consultant in many industries such as Wind Energy, Utilities, Power Generation and Engineering.

Workplace Safety Can Be Costly

In managing workplace safety, the most key factor is the well-being and protection of your workers. Cost should not be the primary consideration. Our publication offers affordable solutions for maintaining a safe work environment without breaking the bank.

Stay on top of workplace safety while implementing affordable solutions that will protect your employees and your business

  • Detailed Information

    It provides detailed information on safety planning, compliance standards, training certifications, safety consultants, marketing, software and more.

  • Affordable Solutions

    Helps you create a safe work environment that protects your employees and your bottom line.

  • How Tos,

    It shows you how to implement affordable workplace safety solutions that will protect your employees and your business.

Don't wait until an accident happens to start thinking about safety. This publication will help you create a safe work environment that protects your employees and your bottom line.

I’ve helped thousands of business owners change their lives, and I can help you as well…


Brian Linton, Projects Director, Energia

"Gavin Coyle offers a fresh pair of eyes: he will often spot the potential for hazard.

Gavin Coyle and the team have given us valuable safety insight over the years, working mainly on our windfarms but also on conventional power station projects.

Power generation is an exciting, dynamic business, but it need not to be a dangerous one. At Energia we are immensely proud of our safety record: our managers and workers are happy to share much of the credit with Gavin Coyle and his team.”


Des Regan, Director Operations, Rengen Power

"Rengen Power manage renewables assets for many different owners in Ireland. We ensure that the projects are both operating at the highest possible level of production, and more importantly to the highest safety standards. We use integrated operation control software to ensure that the assets achieve these standards.

We have worked with Coyle Group to independently verify that we’ve delivered on our promise of safety. It’s a partnership which has achieved real improvements in our H&S performance.

We look forward to continuing our journey with Coyle Group.”


Declan Grady, Group Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Manager, Jones Engineering Group

“Jones Engineering found Coyle Group to be very pro-active and efficient in assisting us with our staffing needs. They listened to and understood our requirements and expectations for specific project placement in pharma, commercial and industrial sectors. The Coyle Group team are professional, honest and courteous and have excellent communication skills. They have sourced key personnel who have integrated into our team and contributed to the smooth running and success of a number of our projects.”

We have found Coyle Group consultants to have excellent knowledge and understanding of health and safety requirements for the mechanical and electrical sectors within the construction industry.

One of the top leaders when it comes to health and safety recruitment and consultancy.

Coyle Group are a professional, reliable and trustworthy company with whom we have established an excellent working relationship. We would highly recommend them for recruitment and consultancy requirements.”


Liam Mannion, Health & Safety Manager, ESBI

"We want to go far further [than the regulations]... Coyle group thinks the same way. ESBI provides engineering and safety services support on Generation station overhauls. These projects entail anything from minor to major overhaul and provide key challenges in safety management.

Gavin[Coyle] has supplied competent EHS personnel to support our role in safety management in key project positions. Coyle Group also supplied EHS talent to our Windfarm construction operations.

We find his people very flexible (times, shifts, locations, etc.) but also highly adaptive. At this stage, with a worldwide reputation, ESBI is far beyond doing the legal minimum. Safety law offers a minimum standard.

We want to go further, making all our plants safer while ensuring our staff and contractors go home without incident. Signs are that Coyle Group thinks the same way.”


Chris Nielsen, HSE Onshore Wind Manager UK/IRL, Innogy Renewables UK Ltd

"The bespoke health and safety legal training that Gavin Coyle developed and delivered was excellent!

The training was both interesting and interactive, both trainers were knowledgeable with lots of industry experience which really enhanced the training. They provided us with the essential health and safety information that we needed, as well as giving as valuable insight through their own practical experience into health and safety within the onshore wind industry in Ireland.

I thoroughly enjoyed the training and would recommend Coyle Group to others.


Tom Gill, ESB Plant Manager, Poolbeg Powerstation - Ireland

"In 2011 ESB Poolbeg Combined Cycle underwent a mid-life refurbishment of its generating plant. Coyle Group provided a site Safety Officer to support this very significant undertaking. This service provision covered planning, execution, commissioning and project closeout.

The singular focus of the safety officer was to ensure that the outage was completed without injury. To put the scope of the work in context, this outage represented the most concentrated maintenance activity that the station will undergo in its lifetime.

What particularly marked the service provided by Gavin Coyle as successful was the supportive, pragmatic and involved approach to safety - the focus was always about offering support and advice and never about 'catching' people out. A very effective safety communications process was put in place, including a 15 minute 'safety only' meeting where all site parties could contribute to a discussion on the upcoming activities for the day with safety of peer workers to the fore in peoples thoughts.

From start to finish, safety was seen as an essential part of project activity, it was never seen as burden. The people skills and commitment levels demonstrated by Coyle Group contributed in no small part to the safe completion of this very challenging project.

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I’ve helped hundreds of companies

I’ve helped hundreds of companies

What Business Owners Are Saying

Industry Leaders in Wind Safety

"Having worked with the Coyle-Group for over 5 years in the renewable industry, Gavin and his team have always provided us at Enercon with top class professional H&S Consultants, who always wants to go the extra step for the project team.

Coyle-Group brings a level of professionalism that have impressed our Clients , knowing the projects are in safe hands.

Coyle-Group have become leaders in the Wind Industry with a dedicated competent Health and Safety Team."

~ Declan Carroll

Incredible service and incredible personnel

"I have worked with Gavin Coyle and his team for some time now and I cannot recommend them highly enough! They are all incredible professionals who a excellent at what they do and the services they provide are second to none!

Gavin is a very intelligent person but still very approachable and easy to get on with.

If you have any chance of working with Gavin and his team, you HAVE to take it!"

~ Karl Doyle

I was working with the Coyle team for…

"I was working with the Coyle team for several years and worked all over Europe. From start to finish the professionalism of the coyle team from Gavin & Ashling to Catherine in the office was superb, never any issues and always at the end of the phone if needed guidance or support.

I highly recommend the coyle group for working and also using if you require safety professionals."


Working as a Contract Health & Safety Consultant with Coyle Group

"Working as a Contract Health & Safety Consultant with Gavin and his Team of Professionals at Coyle Group has been a very rewarding experience for me over the past number of years. Gavin's Clients and those that employ the expertise of the Coyle Group, include a diverse range of Industry Leaders.

No two Contracts are the same and it is a pleasure to work with all concerned."

~ Lee Doyle

The Coyle Group are the experts with…

"The Coyle Group are the experts with the resources when you need them. When I needed an Occupational Hygienist at short notice, The Coyle Group were most helpful and professional in providing one at very competitive rate.

I would highly recommend The Coyle Group for everything you need to satisfy your company's compliance to EHS."

~ Cathal

Satisfaction, Quality, Client Focus

"I have dealt with Coyle-Group over the past 10 years. They are very professional and have never let me down. Their quality and focus for client satisfaction is one of the best in the industry.

Thank you Coyle-Group and continued success."

~ Keith Conmy


Create value for stakeholders, be compliant and be consistent

The reason you are here is because you want to grow your business on to the next level. You want to scale the business without losing good people or breaching legislation. You want to show profit that was made using a formula that works for your company and that can be duplicated across the globe.

The fastest way to do this is to surround yourself with information and people that can generate a culture and a system that people can follow, resulting in more satisfied customers, happy workers and increased revenues.

  • Let me show you how to build and scale your business in a sustainable, cost-effective and compliant way in just 60 days.

  • Need help moving your business up to the next level without any complications?

  • I'll pass my knowledge and experience on to your team and help you build a foundation for the future step by step, In just 60 days.